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Travelogue | 3rd September 2009

Urbane Nomads

It’s September. That means that in the northern hemisphere the sun is setting a little earlier in the evening and fall is imminent. Perhaps it’s time to plan a little fall getaway – an adventure, but without too much hardship. And good food. In a remote area, but sleeping in real beds. We give you Urbane Nomads – a travel agent that bears no resemblance to any other. Urbane Nomads arrange custom made tours to virtually any place in the world that ups your adrenaline levels. The twist to this company is that regardless of where you’re getting your kicks, the kicks will always be accompanied with first-rate lodging, delicious food, fine wines and comfortable transportation. The newest addition to their tour package is celebrated as The Most Luxurious Trip in the World. This adventure is going to set you back financially about 2 million US dollars, but on the other hand you get to go horseback riding in western Mongolia while staying in designer villas, flown here and there by private jet, always accompanied by a butler and a private chef. We wonder if the good folks at Urbane Nomads give special rates to writers … ? Urbane Nomads www.urbanenomads.com

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