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Luxury Travel Chile: A small country with such an amazing diversity, containing some of the most beautiful (and extreme) landscapes in the world that define adventure travel. With the Atacama desert in the North and Patagonia in the South, Chile combines the most challenging terrain and inhospitable landscapes (the Atacama being the driest desert in the world and Patagonia, is, well, Patagonia) with spectacular hospitality that go on to re-define luxury-in-remoteness. Luxury adventure travel in Chile covering its extremities in the North and South, a trip to Chile can also be easily complemented with the mysterious Easter Islands, or a few days of relaxation in Valparaiso. Our luxury trip offers to Chile could easily involve horse treks in Patagonia and end with an informal stargazing session and sundowners in a remote part of the Atacama desert. To celebrate the diversity of Chile, Urbane Nomads offers a luxury travel itinerary that encapsulates the diversity of this area- from the attractions of the Andean Altiplano to the remoteness of Patagonia, in an itinerary that covers Peru, Chile and Bolivia.  The Salar de Uyuni route, ending in the Atacama desert makes for a heartbreakingly beautiful roadtrip.  Photo series courtesy of Explora.

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