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” Design a dream holiday exclusively for the Peak Selections: Gourmet and Travel readers. It has to be one-of-a-kind and extraordinary. Most tourists only see Lima as a stopover en route to Machu Picchu, which is a shame given that it offers some of the finest gastronomic delights in the world.(…) Food is always a highlight and your first dinner on board will allow you to understand Peru’s reputation as a gourmet haven. The luxury vessel’s executive chef Pedro Schiaffino also owns the renowned Malabar and La Pescaderia restaurants in Lima and has collaborated with multi-starred Michelin chef Nobu Matsuhisa.When you’re back in Lima enjoy an intriguing dinner at Brujas de Cachiche(Witches of Cachiche), one of the few restaurants to focus on Peruvian pre-Columbian cuisine.” Peak, Gourmet + Travel Selections   Beyond Machu Picchu (which surely forms the objective and main attraction of many a traveller to Peru), there’s much of Peru that is left unexplored by the casual traveller. The Peruvian end of the Amazonian eco-system, the highest navigable lake in the world that is Lake Titicaca, the natural and historical splendors of Cusco and Arequipa as well as excellent Peruvian cuisine (we do believe it’s the best in the world!) in Lima- there is much to Peru that would necessitate a longer time to discover than most itineraries allocate. Luxury travel to Peru has been predicated on authentic experiences and the design of its luxury lodges often taking into account the context and history of the locality. Luxury tours, aside from its flexibility and customized nature, also translates into memorable travel experiences- sundowners on a private island, meetings with interesting personages, tours led by specialists in their field… Urbane Nomads offers a trek to Machu Picchu (iconic to, and all too frequently, the main objective of travel and travellers to Peru) done in as much luxury as possible. You could take the lodge-based option, with a luxury spa at disposal at the end of the day, or a luxury tent- each is on a different trek, with travellers encountering different sceneries en route, warrantying more than just one experience of Machu Picchu. A luxury cruise down the Peruvian Amazon is also offered in our introductory itinerary that combines the most luxurious commodes on offer, excellent Peruvian cuisine, seamless travel routes and articulate, knowledgeable guides. Gourmet tours showcasing the most interesting names in Peruvian cuisine, ending with lunch on a reed boat off Lake Titicaca and sundowners on a private island or riding tours that has the traveller crossing multiple bio-spheres in a day, are some of the hallmarks of a luxury trip in Peru. To celebrate the diversity of Peru, Urbane Nomads offers a luxury travel itinerary that encapsulates the diversity of this area- from the attractions of the Andean Altiplano to the remoteness of Patagonia, in an itinerary that covers Peru, Chile and Bolivia. A discussion of tailoring a high-end bespoke trip to Peru often has us determining your interests and objectives right down to the minutest details with regards to your travel arrangements.   Photo Courtesy of Titilaka.

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