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Luxury tours, Uruguay
Luxury tours, Uruguay

Ultra Luxury Travel Uruguay

Luxury Travel Uruguay

Ultra Luxury Travel to Uruguay | Luxury Tours to Uruguay (Punta del Este)

Luxury Travel Uruguay : Punta del Este, also known as the “Jewel of Uruguay”, is without a doubt one of South America’s most lavish and glamorous resort towns, where the native population of approximately 10,000 people can give way to a total population of more than a million people during the summer holiday season. Overflowing with luxuriously elegant and sophisticated hotels, the unholy alliances of Argentinian polo players and telenovella stars, upscale and trendy restaurants, titillating nightclubs, and stretches and stretches of gorgeous beach%rC Punta del Este has come a long way from being a small fishing village back in the early 20th century. The over-the-top brand of luxury in Punta del Este has created somewhat of a backlash, resulting in Jose Ignacio, a town of quiet, understated luxury. In Punta del Este, there are many things to indulge sight-seers as well. From Dedos, the awe-inspiring, larger-than-life sculpture of giant fingers rising from the sand by Chilean artist Mario Irarrazabal, to the lighthouse Faro de Punta del Este, built by Tomás Libarena in 1860 with crystals brought from France, and also the Marco de los Reyes in the Plaza Torre del Vigía, the rose-and-white marble marker erected to mark the separate territories of the Spanish and Portuguese as decided in the 1750 Treaty of Madrid, visitors will have no lack of historic and !rtful masterpieces to appreciate. Not far away, a little farther up along the coastal highway Ruta 10 of which Punta del Este is but a landmark on, is the quieter but blossoming peninsula of José Ignacio. It is to this tranquil, as-yet-largely-undiscovered gem of a rustic fishing town that many celebrities such as Naomi Campbell and Duran Duran lead singer Simon Le Bon moved their summer homes to after Punta del Este exploded in popularity. Seagulls swoop overhead in large numbers, squawking to be fed. The beaches here stretch wide and long, and are set against an exquisite backdrop of rocky cliffs and natural pine forests. As yet, few hotels have encroached here, resulting in José Ignacio being still able to give one that strong feel of a quaint haven and respite from other over-commercialized vacation spots. Here, people still take meals next to bonfires, and eat on tables constructed from trees hewn on the island itself. This is not, however, to paint a picture that José Ignacio remains mostly rural; the luxurious million-dollar homes overlooking the ocean on the beachfront are simply designed subtly, without frills, and in peaceful harmony with the rest of the town. There is an appreciation of the charm of basics in José Ignacio, where the scent of pine winds languorously through the streets, and where nights are filled with music and dancing. Accordingly, there are a number of quaint boutique and luxuryh design hotels in cognizance of the discerning crowd this locality is attracting (some still operate on that quaint no-credit cards accepted basis). Base yourself in Francis Mallman’s hotel uber-restaurateur(do check out his restaurant as well) and tastemaker, party late into the night and wake up the next morning to gallop across the pampas. The new Fasano Las Piedras, designed by Brazilian wunderkind Isay Weinfeld is a new, exciting addition to the hospitality scene in Uruguay. Luxury travel to Uruguay, is in identifying the best possible outpost for your holiday, the best possible parties we could possibly open doors for you to, and the feeling of being in the thick of the action, where the best parties are, waking up late morning for a refreshing ride in the pampas and doing it all over again the next day. Urbane Nomads offers luxury tours to Uruguay- from horseriding tours to relaxed beach holidays. Photo courtesy of Explora and Serena Hotels.

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