Worth Magazine,Curator 2013

Worth Magazine,Curator 2013

Inspire Magazine’s Luxe List 2013

Worth Magazine Curator 2013

Worth Magazine Curator 2013 :The Bespoke Edition. Journey to the Mongolian Steppes with nomadic Kazakh hunters and their avian partners.

Worth Magazine Curator 2013 :This monthlong experience immerses visitors in Eurasia’s centuries-old tradition of hunting with eagles. The revered pursuit, once used by Genghis and Kublai Khan, relies on a deep connection between the eagle and its nomadic master. Visitors travel with Kazakh eagle hunters in Mongolia, witnessing their connection to their eagles, their hunting skills and their horseback riding abilities. Participants mold the trip to their interests, but it can begin in Ulan Batar, the capital city, with a dinner, a tour of the capital and a night in a five-star hotel. The next morning, guests travel
by private plane to Ulgii in the upper west of Mongolia, where the hunt begins.