Bespoke Travel Planning?

What is it that Urbane Nomads does?


“Luxury access to lavish hunting expeditions. (…)part of a new wave of bespoke adventure travel”~

Luxury Preview, Robb Report Singapore

Urbane Nomads specializes in luxury adventure travel and travel to off-the-beaten trek destinations. We incorporate off-the-beaten trek elements into the most urban of settings and well-trodden destinations. You could be traversing the back alleys of the glittery malls of Bangkok to visit the floating village of Muslim Cham silk-weavers. Having lost their patron with the disappearance of Jim Thompson in 1967, the history and tradition of silk weaving in Ban Krua and its obvious state of physical disrepair, is analogous, perhaps, to any tale of industrialization and modernization of any developing city in the world, where beneath a romanticized tale lies a suppressed narrative, running in parallel. Or you could follow the trail of a mythical sea goddess in Indonesia, a legend inspiring everyone from President Sukarno to the Sultans of Yogya and Solo and the inhabitants of the coast of Java. While the trail could take you to the kratons of Yogya and Solo, witnessing sacred dances held in her honour, it could also extend through Southern Java, highlighting the plight of bird’s nest gatherers- surely one of the most dangerous jobs in the world, and for whom the particular sea goddess is a patron saint.

Be it a surprisingly tranquil retreat from the chaos of touristy Bangkok or watching a no-rules polo match in the highest peaks of (a much less-touristy) Pakistan, Urbane Nomads seeks to create interesting, alternative travel experiences for the prototypical Urbane Nomad.

Creating a new genre of adventure travel, Urbane Nomads deftly combines the hitherto inaccessible with luxury and authenticity.

We similarly work with luxury travel agents looking to create a unique travel experience for their clients.

 Bespoke Travel Planning: For those who require that little bit more attention to how their trips are structured, Urbane Nomads offers options for bespoke travel- from escorted travel accompanied by guides who’d already laid the groundwork prior to your trip and are familiar with the hotels (chosen after understanding your personality and preferences) and locality as well as an excellent rapport with the ground staff . In areas where the infrastructure is non-existent, we travel down to the site prior to your arrival, overseeing the adaptation of the premises in preparation of your stay and ensuring that standards would be up to your expectations.

For those who question our almost maniacal attention to detail, the Miesian quotation ‘God is in the details’ is our defence (and philosophy).

What is an Urbane Nomad? The Urbane Nomad keenly seeks the best that travel has to offer-keenly seeking out exciting design hotels with its associated mod cons, the most unique travel experiences in localities yet to be discovered by the masses or experiencing a favoured tourist destination on an entirely different level. Yet there is a concern and responsibility that the Urbane Nomad seeks to fulfil; favouring hotels with enlightened management and an architectural style respectful of its surroundings, whilst learning the cultural and political dialectics of the place.
Urbane Nomads offers interesting travel experiences, proffering locations and accompanying experiences that re-define ‘the ultimate travel experience’. Our travel experiences go beyond the almost-clichéd ‘ski in the morning, swim in the Mediterranean sea by afternoon’ itinerary, nor is it just about holing up in a luxury resort in a remote area; completely oblivious to the lifestyle of surrounding locals. The prototypical Urbane Nomad can be found living it up in a sybaritic town of Latin America one holiday and roughing it out in an eco-resort (sans mod cons) in an undeveloped city the next. Whilst fully revelling in the mod cons of luxurious, well-designed hotels around the world, the Urbane Nomad is too aware of the potential pitfalls of the homogenous 5-star accommodation; one of the ironies of luxury travel. Mere tourists, holed up in the chic boite of their luxury resort hotel, unable to discern their location from the environment that this same resort and others like it creates, is a demographical stereotype and experience that the Urbane Nomad seeks to avoid. Taking an active interest in the culture and history of the area (which goes beyond watching a ‘native’ dance staged with the tourist in mind), the Urbane Nomad seeks out intelligent tours that go under the skin of the place.