Who We Are | Urbane Nomads


Hajar Ali, Founder

Travelling past the Dead Sea with her parents as a child, Hajar had seen the solitary vision of a man, wrapped in all white, galloping a white horse on its shores. That moment inspired a lifelong fascination with horses and horse cultures; horse-themed trips forming a significant part of the trips offered by Urbane Nomads. A graduate of Singapore’s Institute of Defence and Strategic Studies (now RSIS), Hajar lends an understanding of the complementary forces of international relations and travel.

Under her guidance, the itineraries and destinations offered by Urbane Nomads reflect a concern for the social, cultural and historical nuances of the destinations visited. In 2012, Hajar became the first woman to cross the Empty Quarter.


Favourite cities: Beirut, Thimphu, Buenos Aires and Istanbul

Favourite places: Argentinian Patagonia, Burmese Himalayas

Favourite hotels: Four Seasons Langkawi, Lemarti’s Camp Kenya, Singita Faru Faru, Malikha Lodge, Desert Palm Dubai

Dream trip: Canoeing through the Iraqi marshlands.

Favourite travel personality: Alice in Wonderland.



Luqman Ali, Partner


With a background in engineering, Luqman lends his problem-solving skills and analytical take to Urbane Nomads’ organizational and marketing strategies.


The head behind Urbane Nomads’ business direction, Luqman personally prefers adventurous, offbeat destinations.


Favourite cities: Bangkok

Favourite hotels: Kirimaya

Dream trip: A trip across Central Asia

Favourite travel personality: Genghis Khan